Evgenia was born and raised in Ukraine. She first showed interest in art during her childhood years before she even learned to write. But her way to art was not the most usual one!
Growing up in Soviet and post-Soviet Ukraine the idea of studying art was not the most alluring one. In those times career options for artists were few: either becoming an art teacher, or taking state orders to glorify the communist regime – imagine panoramas of workers at factories or collective farms, portraits of soviet leaders. Not to mention you had to be very well connected even to get into the only Art Academy in Kiev. None seemed attractive, so, following in grandmother’s footsteps, after leaving secondary school Evgenia entered a university and graduated 6 years later with Masters Degree in Business Law. It didn’t take long for Evgenia to see clearly that law wasn’t her thing… what was it then? On graduating Evgenia left Kyiv for London and was given time and freedom to contemplate what to do next. In London she started studying Graphic Design and in 2005 graduated from London College of Communication of University of The Arts London, followed by a move back to Ukraine to work for one of the world’s leading advertising agencies Grey Worldwide. Here this was dream come true. Evgenia developed as an Art Director, Graphic Designer and, increasingly, as an Illustrator, where she worked with such clients as Nokia, P&G, Visa, GlaxoSmithKline and BAT. From late 2007 Evgenia is based in London where she has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in fashion industry and for print. Evgenia had been the graphic designer in Ukrainian Thought / Ukrainska Dumka biweekly newspaper in London until  2017. In graphic design illustration was always something that attracted her the most. And eventually illustration took Evgenia to where it all began – painting. It did take a long time! There’s no point pushing a square peg through a round hole – is there?:)

In Ukrainian Thought newspaper Evgenia’s interest for painting was reignited and awakened when she met watercolour artist Anna Maschak, fine artist Olga Brown. Evgenia started taking lessons in Olga Brown‘s studio. Here Olga Brown suggested to  try acrylics as means of transitioning into oils. Sometime later Evgenia met an accomplished artist Natalia Zozulya, in whose studio she is studying now.


2017 – Charity Art Fair , Ukrainian Culture Centre, London, UK

2017 – Group Art Exhibition “Reflecting Artistic Legacy”, AUGB Art Gallery, London

Evgenia lives in London with her husband and their two children.